//Madison Steel Door

Madison Steel Door

It is pulled from our rollform lines as profile in automatic machines spreading wings. Therefore, when the thickness of the paving layer reaches 2.4 mm, the strength increases. The wing has 3 support profiles and intermediate layer



  • The wing thickness is 60 mm.

    On our door surfaces, microlaminate coating over 8 or 9 mm MDF is used.

    The door frame is adjustable and can be mounted between 17-25 cm on the wall.

    Electrostatic powder paint is used in our doors. Before painting, phosphating, rinsing and drying are performed on metal parts in our special washing lines. Thus, our doors are more protected against corrosion.

    Monoblock steel door lock system is used in the doors.

    Accessories may vary by model. Stainless steel 40cm pipe handle and aluminum door handle are used as standard.

    The door has binoculars and hidden safety cuffs.

    The package of the doors consists of a protective mattress and cardboard.


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