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Welcome to Armis Security Doors Website. Turkey’s Safest Door to produce for you.

Turkey Security Steel Door

As the first and last impression on your home visitors, your steel door is a symbol of your creativity and style. Our Veneer Series collection adds even more beauty to your home.


It is created by combining MDF, DKP Sheet, Accessory, Hinge, Lock, Case and door-leaf at the Steel Door Production stage. What makes steel doors different from each other is the processing of the wooden material on the front face.


Case coated steel doors start with our 20-person furniture masters preparing designs as a result of 15-person R&D studies. Coating and dressing is done on the desired colors and models. In our case coating and relief models, we can produce all models with pvc membrane vacuum. You just imagine. We make it happen.

Add your creation to relevant collections curated by people like you and get your work instantly noticed. Or start a collection of your own and use it however you like. We craft beautiful and unique digital experiences.

Durability and Quality

Strong, durable and stylish Armis ® steel doors offer security with a wide variety of designs for residential and commercial use. Doors with DKP Sheet claddings are factory prepared for easy finishing and lightened top corners to prevent water absorption. Its static paint prevents corrosion. Our steel doors include energy-saving and fire-resistant options and give you peace of mind

Security Door Features

Generally, exterior doors are available in wood, steel, glass, fiberglass and composite materials. Wooden doors are suitable for both traditional and modern designs and can make an elegant and impressive impression on a property.

In All Climatic Conditions ..

Our steel doors are energy efficient, affordable and built to last in all climates requiring low maintenance.

Address Of Quality And Trust

Technology and Security Together

We Export Safety and Quality All Over the World

ARMIS STEEL DOOR, which was established as Sadıkoğlu Steel Door in 2013, has adopted the principle of being researcher and selective in order to create correct, appropriate and healthy solutions, constantly renewing itself, offering quality and trust together in the sector by going on the path of institutionalization as of 2019. Our company, which does not neglect the security issue in places such as buildings, workplaces, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and garages, aims to provide you the best service with the slogan of unconditional customer satisfaction by carrying out its special and project-based productions. Our steel door and fire door types can be specially manufactured according to the dimensions and do not neglect the order of importance in the concepts of safe, economical and aesthetic. We wish you success in your job, happiness in your home, and “ARMIS” at your door for your safety

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